Keynote: Epistemic and knowledge cultures
Karin Knorr Cetina
afterwards discussion
09:30h-09:45hCoffee break

Panel: New concepts for educational development and empircial findings

09:45h - 10:15hFostering competence development in engineering science studies
Gerd Gidion, Simone-Nadine Löffler
10:15h - 10:45hFrozen fluidity? Digital technologies and the transformation of learning and teaching
Ernst Schraube, Niklas A. Chimirri
10:45h-11:15hDigital didactics
Isa Jahnke
11:15h-11:45hIndicators for university teaching quality: Impact and reliability
Bernhard Schmidt-Hertha

Panel: An international comparison of academic landscapes

12:45h-13:15hConditions for scientific innovations at German universities: An international comparison
Jochen Gläser
13:15h-13:45hTransitions from university to labour markets in Spain and Germany
Rita Berger
13:45h-14:15hHolistic Philological, Modernistic Societal, Optimizing Functional: Three phases of academy/society relations in the humanities
Jesper Eckhardt Larsen
14:15h-14:30hCoffee break

Panel: Crossing boundaries: University, labour markets, further education, and open universities

14:30h - 15:00hJob-oriented university courses for educating vocational teachers: Academic discipline versus vocational science
Martin Fischer
15:00h - 15:30hThe scientification of work as a challenge to university education
Ines Langemeyer
15:30h - 16:00hThe Professionalisation of Continuing Education at the University: Considerations at the interface of University and Continuing Education
Ulla Klingovsky
16:00h - 17:00hPanel discussion
17:00hClosing remarks
Ines Langemeyer